Leonie: “I think iClusion can add something very beautiful to doing research!”

“The iClusion process is structured, transparent and clear.  Standardization and harmonization lead to a shorter lead-time in decision-making.
Both contract negotiation and local IRB approval are faster. Using the iClusion platform enables me to make more efficient use of my own capacity / hours.“
Research Coordinator Oncology
"The main purpose of the iClusion platform is to speed up the local startup of Clinical Trials. This platform therefore makes every effort to ensure that this submission process is as streamlined as possible, and as Research Coordinators we are very happy about it.”

“The platform provides a clear overview of study actions for all relevant departments participating in the study. Because the platform is so user-friendly, it is easy for all competent users to approve a new study. Also, the bundling of all study papers and an established budget will contribute to the speed of the submission process. The program is web-based and on any internet connected computer, the documents can be found, which means that each department always has access to the documents. In addition, I think that, with the help of the “study tree” for finding trials, iClusion will positively influence the number of inclusions per study. In short, a very promising platform that will delight us in the future."
Research Coordinator
“I think iClusion can improve the quality of care and the quality of research that we as a study site provide to the patient and the sponsor. This is achieved by transparency, harmonization and standardization. And that's what iClusion offers to the patient, the doctor, the sites and the sponsors.

“From my professional point of view, the platform gives access to all the information I need, giving the opportunity to 1 way of working and saving a lot of time in the various processes that my work consists of.”
Research Nurse
iClusion provides clarification for patients which trial would be applicable to them and visual information to help them understand study design and time investment of participation in that trial.

“It saves a lot of time for the organization that the study budget has already been set. For everyone it is transparent what the study is about, what time investment is needed and what the monetary consequences are.”
Research Nurse Oncology


iClusion thanks HAGA hospital (The Hague, Netherlands) and Novartis Oncology Netherlands for their selfless support in prototyping the iClusion platform.

A new paradigm in study start up and patient recruitment
Bringing the right Clinical Trials to the right Patients

Today around 5% of cancer patients participate in clinical trials, whereas 50% to 80% wants to participate as indicated by market research. iClusion aspires to increase the participation of cancer patients in clinical trials from 5% to 25% by increasing their accessibility to innovative treatments and chances for better outcomes.

iClusion may dramatically shorten the completion of patient recruitment by increasing recruitment rates and allowing immediate enrolment. The iClusion platform connects patients, oncologists, sponsors and sites, while study start-up procedures have already been implemented compliant with regulatory requirements.

In the context of well-designed clinical development programs, local study start up and patient recruitment remain the rate-limiting operational steps. You have now the means to shift gears.

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