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Services for the Study Sponsor

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View Point (NL/B Oncology)
  • Search Recruiting Trials
  • Real Time Pivot Tables (per (combi of) indication, mutation, phase, study sponsor etc)
  • Patient numbers: by indication and mutation

Services for the Study Site

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Match Point (NL/B Oncology)

Search ongoing clinical trials in Match Point and refer patients online to study sites. Trial overview is always up-to-date

  • Only a personal account is needed
Site Readiness Package
  • One way communication from sponsor to site
  • Total local approval package centrally generated and with a one click action online published to all your study sites
  • Includes all essentials documents, contracts and budgets
…Can be extended with:
Document X-change
  • Two way communication between sponsor and site
  • One click document changes like amendments to protocol and informed consent
  • Online access to study site credentials and documents like ICH-GCP certificates and CV’s
Department Commitment

Get all your trials offered for local approval in the same format, ensures immediate start of local approval procedure. Includes pro forma budgets per department.

  • Only Department commitment letter is needed
Reach & Refer
  • Your Trial at the top of the search results
  • Non study sites can DIRECTLY refer patients to your study sites
  • Extra exposure of your trial in news letters
…Can be extended with:
Inform & Include
  • Online Informed Consent Procedure, let the patient digest the study info in the comfort of their home
  • Study information extended with visual information for better understanding
  • Any other visual/digital information can be added (like video of PI)
How does it work?
Full Service Pack
  • Use full potential of the iClusion Study Site Network and have your trial BULK-ACTIVATED to the TOTAL study site network for speedy and monitored local approval and optimal patient reach.
  • ALL modules included
Study Site Collaboration

Get 100% support in setting up your trials with automated process flows and customized budgets to your site

  • Collaboration agreement is needed