Proud sponsor of the VVRO Year congress 2022 in Belgium.



Pieter-Jan Vandersloten

Belgium VVRO congress on March 19th 2022.

Laura Macours and Pieter-Jan Vandersloten joined the Belgium VVRO congress on March 19th 2022. With live demo's of iClusion was one of the proud sponsors of this annual congress for the community of Belgian Oncology & Radiotherapy nurses in Blankebergen.

The and platforms make it easy for cancer patients and their loved ones to find all information on recruiting clinical trials and to discuss participation with the treating physician. Heyleys supports and stimulates cancer patients to discuss clinical trials as an extra treatment option. The cancer therapies of the future are tested today. Heyleys offers patient-friendly and reliable search engines with access to all clinical oncology trials in the Netherlands and Belgium.

Getting grips and clear information about all the options when you are helping someone or when you are diagnosed with cancer is a challenge.Tell us about your experience using Heyleys, the public platform to find all open clinical oncology trials in Belgium and the Netherlands. Heyleys is designed with patients and professionals to stimulate the conversation about clinical trials with oncologists and physicians.

Please share your feedback on improvements in the language of your preference.

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