Patient organization Longkanker Nederland starts collaboration with iClusion.



Hanka van de Merwe

Both organizations believe that far too few patients have access to innovative treatments that are being tested in clinical trials. To change this, Longkanker Nederland and iClusion are joining forces.

Through this collaboration, lung cancer patients have access information on all current studies of new medication for the treatment of lung cancer on the website www.

This information will be made available by using the online public platform

New treatment options when lung cancer is diagnosed.

Over the past 75 years, more and more patients are curing cancer or living longer. New knowledge and technology are leading to ever better drugs and treatments. These advances have been made through collaboration between patients, doctors, scientists and the pharmaceutical industry. Never in history have there been as many new drugs for diagnosing lung cancer in development as there are today.

Deciding together on the best treatment

Lung cancer patients and their loved ones are often looking for information about additional treatment options. They want to get up-to-date, relevant and reliable information about ongoing trials of new treatments. And discuss this information with their doctor. Because imagine that by participating in a clinical trial, the chance of survival increases or life extension is possible.

Lidia Barberio, director of lung cancer research in the Netherlands: "By partnering with iClusion, we can give patients and physicians access to all ongoing lung cancer research through our website. People no longer have to search for information in multiple places. Talking with the doctor about other possibilities can ensure a joint decision whether or not to start a new treatment."

Quote Heyleys Hanneke, Director iClusion
"Because lung cancer patients now have access to clinical trials on lung cancer through the Lung Cancer Netherlands website, we are reaching more people with our information. Our mission is to increase access to clinical research for all cancer patients. This will only succeed if as many cancer patients, their families and doctors as possible know that the the therapies of the future are already being tested today in clinical trials. Talking to each other about this may offer more treatment options."

For patients

Heyleys is created in collaboration with patient associations, physicians and nurses and is intended to encourage patients to discuss clinical research with their doctors. The online platform is developed with the patient as the starting point in the process, where all clinical trials at cancer diagnosis can be found.

For professionals

To stimulate the discussion between patients and lung oncologist about participation in clinical research, lung oncologists can directly find all ongoing studies at They can also directly access the clinical trial database for professionals via Trial-eye to find or start clinical trials and include or refer patients.

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