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Hanneke Janssen

Will the access to clinical research increase if we use DNA mutation profiles?

The Hartwig Medical Foundation, focusing on whole genome sequencing in cancer patients, and the company iClusion have joined forces. The collaboration will make it easier to find out which studies a patient's mutation profile provides access. "It's becoming much simpler for doctors and study staff to know whether clinical research - and therefore a treatment option - is available for the patient," says director Hanneke Janssen (iClusion).

Patient Report

The Hartwig Medical Foundation (HMF) specializes in sequencing of the whole genome and works closely with the Center for Personalized Cancer Treatment (CPCT). The goal is to better enable physicians to predict in which patient a particular targeted treatment (primarily targeted or immunotherapy) will work. With the help of a large database, (better) matches are nessecary between the mutation profile of the tumor and the predicted response to treatment. "We examine the DNA of tumor cells from metastasis amples and make analysis of the patient's blood. This allows us to very accurately to find any specific abnormalities in the tumor cell's DNA," Roepman explains. "

Paving the way for patient participation in clinical oncology trials

Through the collaboration with iClusion doctors can now directly see for which patients in the Netherlands are eligible and qualified to enroll in clinical trials based on the patients personal mutation profile.

Press release Philine van den Tol appointed as CEO ad interim at iClusion

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