New partnership hospital Gelderse Vallei within ARTZ oncology network



Jurjen Zandstra

Oncologist Dr. Arnold Baars at Gelderse Vallei hospital, also initiated the Trial-Eye platform to start sharing information, stimulating the conduct of clinical oncology trials close to home for patients when possible, and further away when needed. The trial Eye platform supports the collaboration of hospitals within the ARTZ oncology network, providing clear trial oversight and support of easy and efficient patient referral for clinical trials.

With iClusion’s collaborating hospitals using the Trial-eye platform, trials can be set-up fast and efficiently. Possible hurdles are identified quickly, and if needed adjustments can be made and implemented efficiently within all the collaborating hospitals at the same time

Cancer therapies and diagnostics of the future are already tested today. Clinical trials should always be an option for every study site and every patient.

Contact us for additional information about the Trial-Eye network.

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