iClusion workshops on Dutch Clinops day 2022



Jurjen Zandstra

iClusion hosted 2 fully booked break-out sessions during the Clinopsday 2022

Jurjen Zandstra, manager trial centers at iClusion and Ilona van Rooij, Research professional oncologie at VieCuri Medisch Centrum, Venlo hosted 2 break-out sessions during the Dutch NVFG Clinopsdag 2022 on May 17th. in Amersfoort.

Title: The Composer, the Conductor and the Orchestra, how do we make them play best together?

Never before has there been so much clinical research into new drugs. Since the unraveling of DNA, the resulting possibilities for personalized treatments have increased. With scientific breakthroughs such as immunotherapy for cancer, the number of clinical studies has increased enormously.
The new ECTR regulations aim to simplify and accelerate clinical drug research within the European Union. As a result, more patients will benefit sooner from the latest scientific developments.

However, the increasing complexity and shorter timelines for the start of clinical trials are putting even more pressure on trial organizations within hospitals. What are the experiences so far with the use of the VGO and the European Clinical Trial Regulation (ECTR)?
What is already going well and where is room for improvement? What is the role of the sponsor, research coordinator, investigator, etc.?
In short, how do we ensure that the composer, conductor and orchestra do not play a false note?

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Clinops day 2022

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