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Pieter-Jan Vandersloten

Go live New Clinical Trial information section on BHS website

Now all open clinical hematology trials in Belgium are easy to find and automatically updated on the BHS website. The information on the BHS webpage "open hematology trials in Belgium" is a result of the collaboration between the BHS and iClusion. Incorporating their clinical trial database makes the information BHS wants to provide to its stakeholder complete and UpToDate. In this era of digitalization, this new functionality is helping to increase the efficiency of the BHS operational activities. This collaboration saves the BHS bureau a lot of time that can now be used for other important tasks.

“ With this clinical trial database, finding and discussing clinical trials with patients will become more efficient”.

Dr. Ann Janssens

Basic information and easy navigation to find all open clinical trials.

For each trial the basic information is directly provided. This information consists of: Title, acronym and phase of the trial, tumor type, age of the patients and participating hospitals. It also includes a bi-lingual sophisticated filter option for;

  • age groups
  • indication
  • mutations and biomarkers
  • the phase of the research

Research professionals, hematologists, study nurses or coordinators will have access to additional trial information with a free account to Trial-Eye by clicking on the “view as a professional” button on the website of the Belgian Hematology society here.

About Trial-Eye.com for physicians and research professionals.

Watch this video how to use the clinical trial database on www.Trial-eye.com to;

  • find trials
  • inform and include patients
  • refer patients

If you are a physician or research professional from a hospital, you can create your FREE Trial-Eye account here >> https://trial-eye.com/login/requestAccount

About Heyleys.be Clinical Trial information for patients.

Nonprofessionals, Patients, and their beloved can use the “view as a patient” button and enter the public platform www.Heyleys.be. The patient portal incorporates the exact same open clinical trials as on the professional Trial-Eye portal however the interface is in French and Flemish. Heyleys supports patients and their loved ones to navigate with wizard tools and tips to find and share their options for extra treatment options themselves. Patients are coached to talk about clinical trials and trials of interest with their treating hematologist. This patient website is designed in collaboration with patient groups and healthcare professionals.

If you want to learn more about iClusion and the services www.trial-eye.com and www.heyleys.be have to offer for you, please contact Pieter-Jan Vandersloten

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