Our Compass


Drive impact

We believe it is unfair that not every patient has access to clinical trials. We recognize the need for a continuously adaptive clinical research system. We dare to take a different approach and simplify processes in a highly regulated environment.


Build on trust

At iClusion we start from trust. We are an independent, reliable partner. Transparency is key in our daily practice, and we take full responsibility for our projects. We value and utilize each other’s expertise and we trust that everyone acts in the best interest of the company.


Improve together

We believe that true innovation can only be achieved when working together. Both internally and externally, we chose collaboration over competition. We value an inclusive and equal environment. No matter if you are a large corporation or a single patient, we value every opinion equally.


Feel free

At iClusion we respect the individual and the power that diversity brings to the company. We feel the freedom to make mistakes, give feedback, be heard, share stories, celebrate success, and contribute to sculpting the company. We encourage you to show yourself as you are. iClusion is a safe haven.


Be human

Responsibility for the wellbeing of yourself and others is the backbone of our organization. Our aim is to be good and do good and show interest in the world around us. We value personal communication and are accessible and helpful, always. We have an eye for each person and know that a friendly approach supports us in achieving our purpose.