Bridging the gap between clinical research and patients

Future treatments require trials,
trials require patients today.

Discover iClusion

Sample and corresponding data collection

Efficient and fast clinical oncology trials

Find trials and match cancer patients

Eco system for (pre) screening cancer patients

Clinical trials don’t just advance science;
they also serve as in-the-moment treatment options for patients.
iClusion is an impact company facilitating access to clinical trials
for all stakeholders in the clinical stage of drug development.

More about iClusion

Impact & Benefits for all


More treatment options. Increased access to innovate.


Increased chances for better outcomes. Today and tomorrow.


Increased efficiency in clinical trial operations.


Faster market authorizations within regulatory compliance.

Pharmaceutical Industry

Shorter duration of trials. Shorter time to market.

Insights on impact

Our services

iClusion solves the problems of the 2 biggest bottlenecks in drug development Local Study Startup and Patient Recruitment.

Professional platform

The professional Trial Eye platform connects study sponsors, study sites, physicians and their patients in a closed-loop ecosystem, providing a harmonized and standardized network infrastructure for local study startup and patient recruitment. Because clinical trials should always be an option!

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Public platform

Public service Heyleys is committed to giving patients access to information on research with new drugs to discuss these extra treatment options with their own physician. Because research of today is tomorrow’s treatment!

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